Jacob Cordova Profile Pic 2023

Jacob Cordova Design offers a wide range of freelance design services in Portland, Oregon.

“I love the design process — constantly striving to create eye-catching work that captivates an audience and grabs their attention.”

Jacob is a multifaceted Graphic Designer who embraces a modern approach to his work mixed with a hint of humor and whimsy. He started designing digital storyboard art for animated explainer videos, eventually shifting to exhibit design for visitor centers across the US. Most recently, he worked at Protalus, an established shoe insole manufacturer in Tualatin, Oregon, collaborating with a design team to produce a range of work.

He has produced logos, graphics, exhibits, storyboards, ads, GIFs, flyers, and websites for numerous clients.

In his free time, he enjoys making art and jewelry and experimenting with music.

Contact him if you want to hire him for a position or new project.