Jacob Cordova Self Promo Art Website Pic

Hi, I’m Jacob Cordova, a Graphic Designer from Portland, Oregon.

I enjoy working with new clients to create eye-catching work that captivates an audience and grabs their attention. As a designer, I’m multifaceted, embracing a modern approach with a healthy dose of grit, humor, and whimsy.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, I started designing digital storyboard art for animated explainer videos, eventually shifting to exhibit design for visitor centers across the US and later website coordination. Most recently, I worked at Protalus, a shoe insole manufacturer in Tualatin, Oregon, collaborating with a design team to produce work such as social media ads, GIFs, marketing collateral, and web pages.

As a freelancer, I’ve produced a variety of logos, illustrations, graphics, and flyers for numerous clients.

I enjoy making art and jewelry and experimenting with music in my free time.

Contact me to discuss hiring me for a position or new project.